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Founded: 2006


Mission/Vision Statement

501(c)3 Tax ID: 20-5700906 


​After 2 years of working towards owning our own facility we are no closer because of the expense so we have rethought what we are doing to reach the same goal (helping Veterans re enter the civilian world.  We are now reaching out to Parks and other not for profit organizations to use their facilities to have workout programs and workshops free for Veterans and we are still looking for property where we can continue our homeless outreach.  Our biggest stumbling block has been the inability to get grants and a steady stream of funding as we have relied solely on donations and my own money which has been depleated.​

We have been aligning ourselves with other organizations with similiar goals as to not reinvent the wheel and help one another becomiing more effective in helping those that want it.

Company Profile

Ron's Story

Before Ron started his first barefoot walk in 2006 to 2007(the entire Appalachian Trail) to create awareness for PTSD he had owned a gym and scuba shop in the Hampton's for 28 years.  Working out was self-healing to aid in his recovery from PTSD and physical training was part of his life since his service in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Exercise has been proven to aid in the healing of and coping with PTSD and TBI.  This walk was to create awareness which he realized wasn't enough because awareness is no good without a plan and a plan is no good unless it is put into action.                     

Recent Projects

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